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"Court Hinders"

Still Apply in all
USAR Amateur Divisions

August 4, 2014 - Florida


A Court Hinder (as a type of Replay Hinder) still applies in all USAR sanctioned indoor event amateur divisions, including all FRA and other indoor Florida sanctioned tournaments.

Over the last year or so there have been some misunderstandings on this topic of Court Hinders.  The primary reason for the mis-information is that if you play in a Men's IRT pro division, or a Women's LPRT pro division, or a CPRT pro division at an indoor USAR sanctioned event, there is a "NO Court Hinder" policy for those specific IRT, LPRT, and CPRT pro divisions only.  All amateur divisions at these same events would still Replay all Court Hinders.

The actual specific Court Hinders are determined by the home club's interpretation of what their house rules consider official obstructions, such as hinges, wall pockets, light fixtures, air vents, foreign objects, etc.

USAR Rulebook
(9/1/13 Version) (Page 13 of 42)

"Rule 3.14 Replay Hinders (a) 1"

Court Hinders.
The referee should stop play immediately whenever the ball hits any part of the court that was designated prior to the match as a court hinder (such as a vent grate). The referee should also stop play (i) when the ball takes an irregular bounce as a result of contacting an irregular surface (such as court light or vent) or after striking a wet spot on the floor or wall and (ii) when, in the referee's opinion, the irregular bounce affected the rally. This also includes any ball that leaves the court after legally touching the front wall and then bouncing on the floor.


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(Effective: September 1, 2013)






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