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USAR Certified Referee Program Restructured

Jean Trimble

February 17, 2014 - Florida

Effective January 1, 2014, USA Racquetball implemented new requirements for both the Level-1 and Level-2 USAR Certified Referee standards.  These changes affected all current USAR Certified Referees along with their renewal requirements and their expiration dates.  It also is the new program for those starting the journey of becoming a Certified Referee.

The state associations (including the FRA) are no longer the front-line administrators of the program and therefore the states no longer provide the official clinics, the testing, or the assessments for members wanting to become certified.  All necessary requirements are now completed directly online between the member and USAR.  You can complete the program within your own schedule via online video clinics, online written tests, and online interactive video assessment exams.

Due to this USAR change, effective January 1, 2014 the FRA will no longer be able to offer nor recognize the intro-level program formerly known as the FRA Qualified Referee.  The FRA will continue to update and offer informative supplemental FRA Rules Clinics at our FRA championship events and will continue to offer you guidance to become a USAR Certified Referee.  However, these FRA Rules Clinics will not fulfill any of your USAR requirement standards.

When USAR Certified Refs renew their certification and/or when members become newly certified, your USAR membership login profile will be reflected accordingly in addition to the mention on your online printable USAR membership card.

Please note that because of this change when there is ever any mention or requirement to be a Certified Ref, going forward this will only be in reference to the new USAR certification program which can only be verified on your USAR login profile.  Any differentiation of paying Certified Refs differently from those not certified will require this new USAR certification.

This will be effective with all events after the 2014 FRA State Singles Championships and going forward.  For example, at any future FRA championships events where Certified Refs get paid more than those non-certified, this will be referring to the new USAR certification confirmed within your USAR profile.  This new USAR change no longer affords the FRA the option of  recognizing any former FRA Qualified Referees.

Though the FRA Board is disappointed that this new USAR program does not functionally allow the FRA to administer an intro-level state program, the FRA Board is pleased that this new USAR program eventually should provide much more uniform standards with Certified
Refs within our state and around the country.


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